An Ethereum name is an alias for your normal Ethereum adress. Instead of a hexadecimal number with 40 or more characters the alias is similar to a domain and can look like that: ether-domains.eth. Currently the Ethereum Name Service only allows names with at least 7 characters. You can check if the name you want is still available here:

If the name is available you can just set a bid for it and start the auction. If you are the highest bidder in the end you will win the auction and will become the new owner of the Ethereum name you were bidding on.

Especially for more popular names it is likely that the name is already taken by someone else. That’s why we decided to set up to allow users to sell Ethereum names that they no longer need. Here you can find a list of all the names that we are currently selling:

Buy Ethereum Name


Some of the listed domains have a fixed price. If you are interested in buying one of these just write us an email ( and we will arrange everything. The rest of the Ethereum names are sold on an offer basis.

If you are interested in buying one off the names that are sold on an offer basis just write us an email ( with your offer and we will get back to you.