How Buying Works

The Ethereum Name you want is already taken? No problem we can help you out.

In 3 Steps to your own Ethereum Name

1️⃣ Use our Ethereum Name Search
If you are looking for a specific Ethereum name the best way to start is our list of names that are currently being sold. You can find the complete list here.
If the name you are looking for is not on the list please contact us.

2️⃣ Find the Name you are looking for
Once you find the name you are looking for you can buy it quickly and securely. There are two ways how Ethereum names are sold on Some of the names are listed with a fixed price thus you know right from the beginning what you would have to pay for the name. Others are sold on an offer basis. That means you can make an offer for the name and the owner can decide if he wants to start negotiating with you or if he wants to wait for a better offer.

3️⃣ We will take care of the rest
When both parties agreed on a price we will support you with the transfer service. After we have received the payment from you, we will transfer the ownership of the domain to you. The transfer can also happen as an Ethereum contract.