How Selling Works

When you have an Ethereum name that you don’t need anymore you can sell it on our platform The selling process works as follows.

  1. Send us an email. In the email please include the Ethereum name or names (if you have more than one) that you want to sell. Also include if you want to sell the name(s) for a fixed price or if you want to receive offers for the name. Please note that Ethereum names that are sold with a fixed price usually go faster.

  2. Once we receive your email with the Ethereum name we will list the name here. Besides that we will also start looking actively for potential buyers. Listing your Ethereum name on our site is completly free. We only charge you a 15% selling fee when we manage to sell your name.  Otherwise no fee will be charged.

  3. When we find someone who is interested in your name we will contact you to discuss the next steps.



✅ No fee until we manage to sell your Ethereum name.

✅ Biggest marketplace for Ethereum names.

✅ Secure Transfer Service.

✅ Complete assistants during the whole selling process.