On Ether-Domains.com you can buy or sell Ethereum names. Ethereum allows users to register Ethereum names since the beginning of May 2017. The idea was to make Ethereum adresses more simple and human readable. An Ethereum adress is a hexadecimal number that consists of at least 40 characters. To simplfy this Ethereum intruced the name service that allows users to have an alias like ether-domains.eth for their Ethereum adress. Thus you can just send Ether to ether-domains.eth instead of ‘0x4cbe58c50480…’.

You can register the Ethereum name you want here: ens.domains. However most of the popular names are already registered. Some even went for millions of dollars like darkmarket.eth. Therefore we want to give users the possibility to buy Ethereum names even if they are already taken or sell them if they don’t need the name anymore.

It is completly free to list your Ethereum Name on ether-domains.com and you can remove the name everytime you want. Only if we manage to sell your Ethereum Name we charge you a 15% commission. If you are buying a name you don’t pay any commission at all. In order to help you find the right buyer for the name that you own we will actively contact potential buyers.

Besides that we are also offering a transfer service that is perfect for both buyers and sellers. Our Transfer Service provides secure payment of the purchase price and we guide you through the technical transfer of your Ethereum name.

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